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Caseary is an established reality that operates throughout Lombardy in the catering distribution industry, distributing typical Apulian products.

We were born in 2000 and we own an established clientele in the catering industry: we serve a variety of restaurants and bars in Milan, Brescia and Varese. Our clients choose us for two main reasons:

  • The quality of our products, which come directly from Puglia; arrivals in our store on Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday in order to ensure not only quality, but also freshness.
  • Great price/quality and price/service ratio

We are proud to represent a historical reality for food products from Puglia in Lombardy, as the farm “IL PARCO” in Sesto San Giovanni Rotondo does.

Caseary also offers a logistics and transportation at controlled temperature service; in order to ensure, proof pursuant, daily deliveries in the food sector and beyond, maintaining a specific temperature during transport is the basis and essential to safeguard the quality of our products. All our transport service is provided with U.S.L and H.A.C.C.P certifications.