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Caseary offers a broad range of solutions for transport, storage and management of all types of products at a controlled temperature.
We offer a logistics and transport at controlled temperature service to ensure, proof pursuant, daily deliveries in perfect conditions.
Moreover, our drivers are trained in monitoring temperatures during the transport and during loading and unloading operations.
Maintaining a specific temperature during the transport is the basis to safeguard our product. All our products are provided with  U.S.L and H.A.C.C.P. certifications.

We deliver directly to your home!!
Caseary offers to its clients a home delivery service: go to the catalog section on our website,  give a look at all our products and contact us ordering directly from your home.

Do you want to come and see our products for yourself?
Come and visit us in Via Marchesina 39, Trezzano sul Naviglio, Milano.
To reach us is simple: we are few minutes away from the exit of the West ring road CORSICO/BUCCINASCO of Milano.

Do you want to give your customers a quality product?
Do you want to add some fresh daily products to your dishes?
Choose Caseary!
For over 15 years we have had a consolidated clientele in the catering industry. We serve a variety of restaurants and bars all over Lombardy.
Quality/products ratio, product freshness and genuineness are the strong points of our sale.
Get in touch with us! Call 347 4468032 or send an email at